5 mai 2021 Article

Trialogue instead of monologue − current literature, the situation in Switzerland and experiences from three different perspectives

Burr Christian and al., Swiss Arch Neurol Psychiatr Psychother, 2021

At the end of the eighties of the last century, the Trialogue idea was born in Hamburg as psychosis seminars. This may be seen as a reaction to the paternalistic mental health services and institutions of the time, in which psychosis were regarded as « madness » and thus as an illness that could not be understood by those not affected.

The results of a recent survey from Switzerland are also presented here with three field reports, from a service user, a carer and a professional, about their experiences with Trialogue. The trialogical idea should be used in the future for new programmes, services or courses with the aim of reducing barriers between the different groups of people involved and stigmatisation of users and carers.