50 years of history

The first multidisciplinary organisation for social psychiatry in Switzerland

Initially, specialised intermediate structures were not well-developed in many parts of Switzerland, particularly in German-speaking Switzerland. The first objective was therefore to bring together the resources that could contribute to moving psychosocial activities away from psychiatric hospitals and freeing them from the associated structures.Various models of institutional development conducive to the development of therapeutic activities in the field of social psychiatry have been studied, as well as various concepts fundamental to psycho-social activity (community psychiatry – therapeutic community and environmental therapy, network practices – concepts of vocational rehabilitation and social rehabilitation).

So-Psy has always remained free of political and religious affiliations, bringing together partners involved in community-based mental health recovery to work on related or associated activities, or professional activities in the fields of caregiving, research or education.

Presidents of the Swiss Society of Social Psychiatry have been:

Professor Dr. med. Charles Bonsack, Lausanne, since Nov. 2017.
Between 2009 and 2017, a rotating presidency was held by the presidents of the language sections: Dr. sc.nat. and lic.phil Ruth Waldvogel, Dr. med. Gea Besso und Prof. Dr. med. Yasser Khazaal.
Prof. Dr. med. Fran Ferrero (2005-2009)
Prof. Dr. med. and phil. Hans D. Brenner (2000-2005)
Dr. med. Werner Saameli (1997-2000)
Prof. Dr. med. Luc Ciompi (1991-1997)
Prof. Dr. med. Ambros Uchtenhagen (1985-1991)